Detection of antigen-specific immunity

Diagram that shows how B721.221 cells (~50 M) are transduced to express only one HLA allele

Sensitive detection of HLA-bound peptides on the tumor surface

T cell interactions with antigens lie at the heart of any immune response. TIGL has developed and provides:

  • Detection of antigens, including personal neoantigens, through optimized experimental workflows, mass spectrometry, and integrated data analysis, using clinical tissues samples
IFN-γ ELISPOT results showing CD4+ T cells specific for mutated CDK13, JPH1, and ADM2d at week 16 after vaccination and after PD-1 blockade for patient 2
A streamlined approach for identifying and reconstructing TCRs


The strength of TCR binding to cognate antigen (functional avidity) is strongly correlated with in vivo T cell effector function. TIGL has developed and provides:

  • ELISPOT assays and multicolor flow cytometry to investigate antigen-specific T cell responses

TCR reconstruction

TIGL has developed and provides:

  • A novel TCR reconstruction pipeline that enables the testing of neoantigen-specific TCRs for functional avidity as an indicator of anti-tumor activity using ELISPOT and intracellular cytokine staining


Derin B. Keskin, PhD, Immunology Lead Scientist

Anna Tarren, Immunology Research Technician